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* Which includes: Angels, Aliens, Holy Encounters, Ghosts, Faith, UFOs, Heaven and Hell, Shadow People, Bigfoot, Hat Man and everything else you can think of!

Shadow People

From Heidi Hollis' book "The Secret War" (written in 1997 & distributed among other researchers) officially published in 2001, emerged the name and the phenomenon she called "Shadow People!" NOW—Get the NEW illustrated version released Oct. 2013 that gives MORE info on Shadow People and HOW TO GET RID OF THEM!

Get your copy now for only $4.99 of The Secret War: A True Story About A Real Alien War and Shadow People: Click HERE for the NEW Shadow People Book

This book tells the full story behind Shadow People and how they are tied to aliens and their dark plans intended for all of us. Not knowing about them, is not just a physical threat to your well-being—but down to the very soul of you!

If you've experienced these Shadow People and you want some advice, insight or to simply share of your encounters—please write Heidi at: dasoutlander @ gmail.com 

Heidi addresses your emails for the first 30 minutes at the beginning of her Talk Radio Show: Heidi Hollis~The Outlander.  So be sure to listen in, and hear her past shows on her Radio Page here. 

NOTE: ONLY THE EBOOK version is NEW currently-the PRINT version will be out soon, only the ORIGINAL version is in print right now.

Meet others who have seen these beings here: 

Click Here For PAGE 2 AND More INFO on The Shadow PEOPLE

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